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"I'm Literally Going to Force You to Make Money Whether You Like it or Not..."

(Even If You're a Stone-Cold Newbie with No List,
No Experience and No Website)..."

From the Desk of Michael Cheney
Scotland, United Kingdom
13th April 2024

Dear Friend,

By now you've doubtless come to same realization I did when I was starting out;

The only way to break through to the big time in this business is to flat out copy something which already works.


Correct. So I'm pushing the boat out here and flat out GIVING YOU my entire $1.1 Million per year business on a silver platter.

This is everything you need. And it's all done for you.

I'll tell you the weird reason WHY I'm doing this in a second but first - let me tell you;

"I've Made $1,168,766.43 in the Past 12 Months Alone And I'm Letting You Copy It For Yourself to Make Thousands of Dollars - Hands-Free..."

$1.1 Million in a year is not too shabby.

And now, for the very first time in history - you're being given a FRANCHISE of the entire $1.1 Million per year business to make money with as your own.

You're getting a complete turnkey money-maker here which will change your life, your financial future and your income forever.

But first things first;

"Why The Heck Am I Giving You The Keys To My $1,168,766.43 Business?"

Because I love success.

I love attaining success for myself and I love helping other people get there too.

When you get to a certain financial level in life it stops being about the money and becomes more about the change you want to make in the world.

The lives you can change.

The difference you can make.

And this is where I'm at.

I'm reaching a stage in my life where I probably won't be doing this internet marketing game for much longer.

It's time to pass on the baton to the next generation of internet millionaires.

"It's a Shame for You To Struggle When Making Money Like This is So Easy..."


bigmoneycolumn2You're being handed everything I use to make $1,168,766.43 every 12 months.

And yes;

Of course I'm charging you for the privilege.

You get to experience dramatic results incredibly quickly.

This is great news for you because;

You'll finally achieve the breakthrough you've been looking for and start making the money you truly deserve.

I'm personally going to give you everything you need as well as lead you by the hand and show you every last thing you need to do to break through to the next level in record time.

I'm going to reveal everything I do to make over $1 Million a year so you can copy it for yourself and then just HAND IT OVER TO YOU to start making money right away.

You'll discover my inner-most private tactics which enable me to make as much money as possible with the least amount of effort.

This is a "right-to-the-meat" masterclass in making money online with no stone left un-turned.

So strap yourself in and prepare to be blasted to financial freedom here.

There'll be more beans spilled than an explosion in a Heinz factory.

You need to know;

"This Is A Turnkey Solution Which Makes You Money Right Away Even If You Have No List, No Website and No Experience..."

924kWhat you're about to get your hands on is totally unprecedented in this industry - a complete "business in a box" franchise which pays you $1000 commissions on demand.

So my question for you is this;

Do you want me to personally accelerate you to the next level in a money-making program you'll never forget?

Let's do this;

Now is your time...


"The 7-Figure Franchise" - handing you the keys to a $1,168,766.43 business...


$9997 VALUE


- Richard Legg


- Seth Johnson


- Marian Krajcovic


- Ben Martin


- Dexter Paglinawan


- John Thornhill


- Caterina Christakos


- Rob Reece


- Jeff Sollee


As a 7-Figure Franchisee you're getting $1000 commissions paid to your PayPal account every time someone buys one of my high ticket backend products.

This means you just drop a teensie bit of traffic in the top of the funnel and each prospect is cookied as yours;

You get 100% commission on all the front-end products and upsells they buy.

Paid direct to your PayPal account.

And when they buy one of my high ticket backend programs you get $1000 commissions paid directly to your PayPal account.


It would take you half a lifetime to make $1000 in commissions from any other program.

But with the 7-Figure Franchise you're getting $1000 payouts all the time for no extra work whatsoever.

Happy days.


$7997 VALUE 


You read correctly.

big-money-columnAs a 7-Figure Franchisee you're also getting every last money-making promotional message, email and blog post I've ever created for you to use as your own.

You just copy, paste and make money.

PLUS - you get to use every single FUTURE promotional message, email and blog post I create.

This is your once-in-a-lifetime chance to have a millionaire marketer do all the work for you.

Every month you'll be getting 80-90 done for you promotions ready to make you money.

This is, quite frankly, utterly ridiculous.

This one component alone could easily generate you many thousands of dollars this year without you barely having to lift a finger.

Just so we're clear on how incredible this is let me spell it out;

I've spent 16 years honing, tweaking and perfecting the art of selling on the internet.

Each individual product promotion I run takes several hours to hand-craft.

And it's worth the time because every one puts thousands upon thousands of dollars into my pocket.

But you don't have to worry about doing anything.

You just copy them and make money. Swap out your affiliate link and you're golden;

Instant money with next to no effort whatsoever.

I could easily charge $20,000 for this one component alone...


$2997 VALUE

70krecurring-jvzooI'm pretty strict about who I approve to promote my products.

I only give approval to around 25% of those who apply.

And even then - most affiliates are on delayed commissions meaning they get paid after 45 days.

But not you.

You are being granted the honor of Instant Commissions and 100% commissions for every single one of my products and its upsells.

This is essentially like being handed all my products to sell totally as your own and keep all the monies for yourself.

I could easily charge $2000 for this.


Now let's make this already irresistible offer even more mouth-watering for you...


$9997 VALUE

People flew in from all over the world and paid thousands and thousands of dollars to discover these secrets;

aff-payoutsYou're getting the exclusive recordings to this prestigious event and here's just a tiny taster of what you're getting your hands on here;

* A proven "battleplan" to quickly accelerate your business to six figures a year. (We'll get started right away and work towards you hitting that first $10,000 a month as fast as humanly possible)

* My personal, private and never-before-taught methods for getting ahead in business, becoming instantly super-organized and more effective. (Full transparency: this might not be the "sexy" online stuff but as you know by now - this is THE most important thing to get nailed down if you want to break through the wall to the next level).

* My closely-guarded, multi-million dollar launch strategy which has hundreds of affiliates begging you to promote. (I have this down. My biggest launch, back in 2008, did $1.9M in a week. Every one of my past 7 launches has got #1 Bestseller and Product of the Day status on JVZoo and I have multiple products in the Top 50 products of all-time on JVZoo).

* How to become an "ultra affiliate" making thousands of dollars on every promotion, winning leaderboards and attracting an army of super-rabid fans in the process. (Even if you're already doing pretty well in this area there's a few things you're probably missing out on which can multiply your results fast).

cartel-sunday* The "next level" strategies I personally use to maximize revenue from every prospect, customer and buyer. (This is huge. Most people don't do it but you will and this one thing alone can add an extra $10k to your monthly earnings).

* Advanced list- and email-marketing methods to get thousands more dollars for the same effort. (You'll discover simple segmentation strategies, a brand NEW email method nobody else is using and access to private data on my best campaigns)

* The battle-tested method for creating sales letters and funnels which consistently bring in big bucks, get tons of buyers and have affiliates mailing like crazy for you. (I love teaching this stuff - although I rarely do because it's advanced, takes time and most people can't handle this ninja stuff. But you can and you're gonna love it).


You're also getting your hands on all this little lot too, including...

"This is the Single Best Way To Go From Zero To $10,000 Per Month (Even If You're A Newbie)..."

jvz-all-4-bigYes, you can even do this if you're just starting out and it doesn't require you throwing money at ads or anything else.

And you're also going to discover;

* A little-known secret method to double your profits every week with almost no extra work. (This one's a doozy and can easily put an extra grand or two in your pocket every week).

* A mind-numbingly easy tactic I used to make $3000 in one day with a last minute brainfart idea which cost me nothing. (This is perfect for you if you're in a tight spot and need a big burst of cash at short notice).

cartel-day1* How to make TEN TIMES what your boss makes working just 4 hours a day. (You'll discover how I get to spend hours with kids every day, do leisure activities, chill out and still make over $1 million per year in the process).

* The #1 most-important, yet overlooked, factor which determines your "rich-ness" level online. (HINT: It's not what you think and even many of the "big" guys are missing this entirely and leaving millions on the table).

* The secret symbol you need to draw on a whiteboard which makes you more money than any internet tactic. (I've used this personally for years to great effect and when I've shared it with a select few individuals they've been blown away by the money it makes them).

* The very first step to becoming an internet millionaire which 99% of people miss out completely and fail as a result. (This is a real underground tactic which I've never seen anybody else teach but it's been the foundation stone of me being able to make millions of dollars online).

* Your blow-by-blow exclusive peek into the typical day of an internet millionaire. (Amazing insights into what I do, what I don't do, my personal routine and how I'm able to make so much money with so little effort).


$4997 VALUE


Once you become a "7-Figure Franchisee" you are also eligible to receive every digital product I've ever created (including upsells) and every digital product I release in 2017 totally for free.

You will be ultra focused after you get my $1 Million per year blueprint and getting access to all my paid products will get you to your money goals even quicker.

There are not enough hours in the day for me to add up the combined value of this single component but let's be conservative and say this;

You're getting at least $5000 worth of free programs, trainings and products here.

All for free as one of the "7-Figure Franchisees".

I know for a fact many of the people who invest in this will do so for this one component on its own.


$1997 VALUE

You get it;

In order to start cashing in on the $1000 pay days and instant 100% commission pay outs direct to your PayPal account you're gonna need traffic.

I got you covered.

I'm going to show you, step-by-step, how to send your first 1000 free visitors into the funnels.

You're getting exclusive access to all my insider traffic methods (most of them completely free).

You can be up and running and sending traffic in just hours from now and be making sales as soon as today.

And don't worry;

All the methods you'll discover are no-cost or low-cost, quick to do and easy to get results with;

Just the way you like it.

Fast, easy, free traffic without the headache which turns into money fast.


$4997 VALUE

Imagine if you could reach out to a millionaire marketer whenever you wanted and get their advice?

Well now you can...

Because you're also getting 30-days screenshot consultancy with me to explode your profits.

Here's how this works;

You take a screenshot of anything you need help with in your business.

It goes directly to my personal email address.

I then tell you how to tweak, change, improve the thing you're working on to make you even more money with it.

I normally charge $1000 an hour for my consultancy.

And here you're getting 30-days' worth here as just one of the 7-Figure Franchisee benefits.

Bonus # 1 – Fast-Track Facebook Traffic

Bonus # 2 – Money Making Traffic



"Okay Cheney - Show Me The Money!"

I get it - you're like "Does this work?".

In a word - YES.

But transactions speak louder than words.

So wrap your peepers around this little lot...

The Franchise you're getting your hands on has been responsible for making me several million dollars online in recent years and here's just a random snapshot of some of this moolah;

"Who Else Wants $419,402.85 in Their PayPal Account?"

You're gonna love this...

I basically tried to take too much money out of PayPal I kinda broke it.


These are the First World problems you face when you start making several hundred thousand dollars every few months;

"It's Not All About The Money - The Lifestyle Rocks Too..."

At the risk of setting off some "internet marketing cliche alarms" I've gotta show you some lifestyle proof now.


Fast-cars, hot chicks and exotic beaches.

You know the drill.

Because, quite frankly, doing this stuff is frickin' cool.

And I've never been one to shy away from the spoils of doing internet marketing.

If you're gonna help people for a living and make a ton of money in the process then why not enjoy it by doing things you love right?

"But Don't Just Take My Word For It - Here's What Other People Are Saying..."


Get Paid $1000 Commissions Direct to Your PayPal Account Just Like These Guys...






















"This Is NOT For Everybody:
You Must Qualify to Become a 7-Figure Franchisee..."


I'm not gonna bullshit you here with some made-up criteria.

These are STRICT REQUIREMENTS and if you don't meet them then you should not invest.

If you don't meet these requirements and you try to invest and are found out you will be removed from the 7-Figure Franchise Program.

#1. You must be open to learning new strategies and willing to roll up your sleeves and follow the steps I give you

I can only accept you if you're willing to get your hands dirty and apply this $1 Million/year strategy. Yes it's easy to copy but there is still some effort required on your part. So if you're expecting money to rain from the heavens without you even lifting a finger then do not become a 7-Figure Franchisee.

#2. You must keep the secrets you discover completely confidential

This is confidential and proprietary information which I am granting you access to as a 7-Figure Franchisee (if you meet all these qualifications). This means no sharing, redistributing, re-purposing or talking about this information. Don't think once you've learned this strategy it's "fair game" to rename it and sell it as your own. It's not. Doing that is like chumming the water for my lawyers - they love that.

#3. You must not be a douchebag

If you're the type of whinging, whining, negative nellie who thinks the world owes them a favor then please walk away right now. This strategy works (if you do). Period. Okay, it's time to wrap this thing up and get you started making money with this - are you ready?

"Let's Cut To The Chase - Here's How To Become a 7-Figure Franchisee..."

You know as well as I do this is easily worth $100,000.

Once you get your hands on these secrets you can use them over and over again to make thousands and thousands of dollars in the next 12 months alone.

Long-term they can make you countless millions of dollars (they have for me).

I could easily charge $50,000 and it would still be a steal.

If you take action on everything I reveal to you there's no reason it can't happen for you.

You’re basically getting my entire business on a silver platter, all the promotions I use to make money, 100% instant commissions and a proven plan to start making $10,000 a month in record time.

To justify the amount of hours of my time and resources this is going to take me I should really charge $30,000.


 "I'm Only Accepting SERIOUS Action Takers Here..."

I'm personally filtering out who gets in so I know you will be the type of person who just steps up and gets stuff done.

And for this reason;

The investment is a low, one-time fee of which is peanuts compared to the untold riches you'll get out of the other side...

BUT I should warn you:-

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER and the price will be increasing SOON.

So become a 7-Figure Franchisee right away and make more money in the next 12 months than you've ever done before and yes you are completely covered 100% because you're also getting a no questions asked Guarantee as you'll see below.

Okay, let's do this...

"Here’s Your Entire 7-Figure Franchise Package..."

By now you're probably so excited about this ridonkulous 7-Figure Franchise offer you've forgotten everything you're getting. So here's a quick recap on everything you're getting as a 7-Figure Franchisee...

Cheney's $24,000 "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is" 6-Month Guarantee

There is NO MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE with the 7-Figure Franchise for obvious reasons;

Because you're getting instant access to all my products, my entire business and my closely-guarded $1.1M per year blueprint.


Because I am 100% confident you will make money by becoming a 7-Figure Franchisee I am offering you this unprecedented guarantee;

You will make at least $24,000 in the first 6 months of being a 7-Figure Franchisee.

If for some bizarre reason you don't (you need to apply the steps of course) then my team and I will personally work with you until you make at least $24,000.

I'm putting my money where my mouth is here.

This is also a great way to weed out the lazy wannabes who don't want to succeed because it means only the true action takers like yourself become 7-Figure Franchisees.

Okay, the time is NOW. Let's do this...

Risk Free Acceptance Form: Your Order is 100% Safe & Secure

"Yes Michael - Please Force Me To Make Money By Giving Me the 7-Figure Franchise and the Keys to Your $1,168,766.43 per Year Business."

tick-small-1YES. I want to be 1 of the lucky individuals getting a fast-track to financial freedom - please give me your Step-By-Step Blueprint to the $1,168,766.43 Per Year Business & Event Recordings

tick-small-1YES. I want to get $1000 commissions sent directly to my PayPal account every time someone buys one of your backend programs

tick-small-1YES. I want you to help me get My first 1000 visitors totally free by revealing to me the untapped sources of endless free traffic I can easily turn on to start making money right away


YES. I hereby accept I will not divulge, disclose or disperse any of the groundbreaking secrets you reveal to me inside the 7-Figure Franchise program.

tick-small-1YES. I know you normally charge $20,000 to coach people and I'm getting a totally unprecedented level of DONE FOR YOU Service from you here for a very small investment.

tick-small-1YES. I want you to give me the proven "battleplan" to quickly accelerate my business to six figures a year (even if I'm just starting out).

tick-small-1YES. I want every single promotion you've ever created (responsible for $6,925,419.04 in sales) so I can use them as my own and make money without even lifting a finger...

tick-small-1YES. I want every single digital product you've ever created (and all the new ones in 2017) totally for free including all the upsells.

tick-small-1YES. I want you to force me to make money whether I like it or not by giving me 30 days one-on-one private consultancy to accelerate me to the money

tick-small-1YES. I want to start making money quickly and easily by getting 100% commissions on all your products and instant commissions too...



Yes. I realize my investment is totally covered because if I don't make at least $24,000 in my first 6 months as a 7-Figure Franchisee you and your team will personally work with me until I do.

7FF with recurring TEST

Strictly no refunds - all sales are final because you're getting instant access to copy my entire business directly on the next page. Payments are received by Seniority.co.uk Limited - Michael Cheney's holding company. By clicking on the Buy Now button above and becoming a 7-Figure Franchise you hereby acknowledge you have read and accepted our Terms of business.


By now you know you want this.

The only question left is;

Can you afford not to get this? It's giving you the ultimate money-making shortcut to blast through to a higher level fast and start getting $1000 commissions paid directly into your PayPal account.

So enough chitter-chatter.

Let's do this - get access now...


Michael Cheney

  • q-iconWill you help me drive traffic?


    I’ll show you how to drive your first 1000 visitors totally free.

    You really cannot fail with this, it is caveman simple.

  • q-iconAre you really paying me 100% commissions on all your products?


    You get 100% commissions paid instantly and directly to your PayPal account on ALL sales of all my products, upsells, downsells and recurrings as a 7-Figure Franchisee.

  • q-iconCan I start making money with this quickly and easily?


    This is how we’ve designed it;

    Everything is done you.

    You just drop a teensie bit of traffic in and watch the money come into your PayPal account.

  • q-iconDo you follow-up with everyone to get more sales?


    They opt in to a mailing list and we email them over a period of weeks with YOUR affiliate link for all our various products paying you 100% on everything;

    Whenever they buy you get paid.

  • q-iconCan I build my own list with the 7-Figure Franchise?


    If you want to you can create your own squeeze page and grow a list that way then send them into the 7-Figure funnels to make 100% commissions on everything.

    But you don’t have to as we’ve built all this for you.

  • q-iconI really wanted to attend the live 2-day event you held recently - is that part of this offer?


    People paid thousands of dollars each to attend this and flew in from all over the world including USA, Romania, Australia, Switzerland, Singapore and Ireland.

    You get the exclusive recordings as a 7-Figure Franchisee.

    This one component is worth the investment on its own because you’ll discover every repeatable step I took to make $1.1M online in the past 12 months.

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