"How To Turn a Few Dumb Emails Into Piles and Piles of Money (Even If You Only Have a Handful of Subscribers)..."

From the Desk of Michael Cheney
Scotland, United Kingdom
16th July 2024

Dear Subscriber,

This is cray-cray...

Two hundred and ninety four thousand, eight hundred and eighty-four dollars and five cents.

(Or $294,884.05 if you prefer.)

This is how much money I've made just sending a few "cave man" simple emails in the past few months.

It's way more than I've ever made from email marketing before.

And it's way more than most people on the planet could ever dream of making just for sending a few dumb emails.

Well buckle up soldier because I'm gonna show you exactly how I did it so you can copy it for yourself.

Let's get three things straight right off the bat.


You Don't Need a Big List to Make Big Money...

aff-1160This may come as a shock to you but I don't have the biggest list in internet marketing (by a long chalk).

But what I lack in "size" I make up for in technique.

And you can easily be making a few thousand a month in commissions with just a handful of people on your list

The trick is;

You need to know what you're doing.

You need to know the process.

You need to know the formula.

And once you have this formula in your grasp you can start making some serious income with every email you send.

You will notice the difference in your earnings in an instant.

It's super quick, super effective and super lucrative.

But You're Dead in the Trenches if You Use
the Same "Email Swipes" As Everyone Else...

skullLet's face it;

We all know most product creators put very little thought into the email swipes they give you;

They normally regurgitate them from something else, throw them together last minute or sometimes just forget to include them altogether.

You can't depend on these for your profits.

It's suicide.

I haven't used pre-written email swipes like this in years (and with good reason).

If you do what everyone else does - you get what everyone else gets.

(Which is usually squat.)

And the third thing you need to realize is;

There's a Secret Email Formula Which Gets You
More Opens, More Clicks and More Sales...

aff-3435-mua-march-2015There's so much artillery flying about in affiliate marketing warfare you need to do something different to stand out.

I know what this something is - it has a proven and patented formula.

People are contacting me every day saying how much they love my emails, how they keep them in a special folder, how they open every single one and...

How they can't help but buy from me, every time I send an email.

Just recently I made $41,409.70 in commissions in the space of a week. Just sending some dumb emails.

This is a science.

And I'm going to teach you how to do it too.


Email Black Ops

~ Secret Tactics to Win the Affiliate War ~

In this closed-doors video-based training you're going to discover;

* How to turn simple emails into truckloads of greenbacks. (Even if you're just starting out.)

* Exactly what to put in your subject line if you want the most sales. (And what never to include.)

* What time of day you should be sending your emails. (And which "dead spots" you absolutely must avoid.)

* The #1 easiest way ever invented to write an email. (You can crank out commission-creating emails in five minutes flat doing this.)

aff-2642* How to make more commissions than the "big guys" even if you have a tiny list. (And yes this even works for complete newbies too.)

* The secret reason why most big affiliates are struggling for commissions. (And how to make sure you cash-in big time even if you only have a handful of subscribers.)

* My patented "email domination" blueprint which is guaranteed to get you more opens, more clicks and more sales. (This is worth the "entry fee" alone and will change your business forever.)

* And grenade-loads more besides including...

Why it's a big mistake to give free stuff away to your prospects (There's a hidden reason this will kill your sales, here's what to do instead). Plus the one kind of subject line to use if you absolutely need to get sales ASAP (Great for a quick cash injection). And you'll also discover word-for-word what to say on the last day of your campaigns to triple your sales (and it has nothing to do with scarcity or countdowns).

But it doesn't stop there because you're also getting...

A Detailed "DNA" Dissection of The Secret
Email Formula Which Made $200,002.72

You're getting world-exclusive access to my patented formula which has never been revealed before.

Your eyes and wallet will bulge in equal measure when you discover;

* 11 examples of how to guarantee your emails get read every single time. (Your open-rates and click-thru rates will soar when you use these easy-to-copy methods.)

* A stealth way to get people "hooked" on your emails. (Watch your sales soar as people are driven into a buying-frenzy every time you send an email.)

* How to stand out in everybody's inbox and get oodles of sales every time you email. (Even if they're on 1001 other email lists all promoting the same thing.)

* The Kim Kardashian commission-creating trick which works every time. (You'll make quick, easy money with this, it only takes minutes to do and you can use it on every promotion).

* How to counteract list-fatigue, email-blindness and inbox-overload using the weird "Hollywood" method. (Do this and your emails will always get opened, always get read and always get you sales.)

* The "Triple-Shake" Method to getting fence-sitters to buy from you. (A simple yet powerful way to turn all your NO's and MAYBE's into sales.)

* And oodles of noodles more besides...

And to truly ensure you start making big money with these methods as quickly as humanly-possible...

You're also getting your little mitts on;

The "Newbie Proof" Paint-by-Numbers Process
for Pumping Out Profits in a Flash...


Prepare to ramp up your commissions in record time because you're going to discover;

* A small change you make in the way you end an email which is so powerful, I've only heard of ONE TIME where it didn't create at least a 150% increase in sales. (It should work for you and it's incredibly easy to implement too. You'll see for yourself when you follow my steps.)

* The secret reason why most email marketers are stuck on the breadline. (And how to make sure you bring in the big dough instead - it has nothing to do with the size of your list by the way)

* Why the most-important element of your emails is NOT the subject line. (Discover this little-known secret and you can pretty much write your own paychecks.)

* The loungechair-lazy way to create hot-selling emails in a heartbeat. (Forget slaving over your emails for hours when you can use this fast 5-minute method to crank out commissions in a flash)

* The absolute dead-wrong way to start an email which kills your sales every time. (It's painful to see how many people are doing this - learn the alternative technique to make sure you're not one of them)

* Why pitching the product is almost always the wrong thing to do in your emails. (This counter-intuitive secret will change the way you look at email marketing - forever).

And as if this weren't enough...

To make sure you really can't fail to make a truckload of money with this you're also getting;

A Complete "Copy n' Deploy" Debrief of
a $41,409.70 Commissions Campaign


You're getting a total blow-by-blow debrief here so you can copy this profit-pumping process for yourself.

Prepare to take your affiliate marketing and your commissions to the next level as you discover;

* The right way to structure a winning affiliate campaign. (Learn why the so-called "accepted wisdom" on this is dead wrong and how you can crush affiliates five-times your size with the correct "sequencing strategy".)

* A sneaky (yet ethical) way to always come out on top of affiliate leaderboard contests. (Nobody else is teaching you this, it only takes seconds to do and it can add thousands of dollars a month to your bottom line.)

15k-commissions* How to get more clicks than any other affiliate using the secret "CNN" method. (You can do this even if you're just starting out, even if you have a tiny list and even if you've never written an email in your life before.)

* Why most affiliates are struggling for opens, clicks and sales and the simple 7-second solution. (You'll make tons more moolah when you do this and it also instantly gives you more love, respect and credibility in the marketplace.)

* How to actually have fun writing emails and make an F-ton of money in the process. (Once you learn this breakthrough method you'll be cranking out "home run" emails in no time and laughing all the way to the ATM.)

By now you can see every base is covered here.

You're getting everything you need to collect big money every time you hit "Send".

PLUS - Get Your First 1000 Subscribers in 30 Days with this FREE BONUS...

What you'll discover in this groundbreaking Bonus Training;

* Why email marketing is crucial in any business.

* How to set up and create an autoresponder and opt-in.

* How to create a landing page to start collecting subscribers.

* How to encourage people to sign up with an opt-in form, incentives and landing pages.

aff-1469* How to drive traffic to your site to drastically increase your numbers and your conversions.

* How to communicate with your list to get them hanging off of your every word.

* The 6 types of emails you can send to your email subscribers.

* How to monetize your list with your own products or affiliate sales.

* How to get people to actually buy what you promote.

* 6 types of giveaways/lead magnets you can give to subscribers in exchange for their email.

* When is the best time to email your subscribers.

* How often should your email your subscribers.

* How to create an optimal autoresponder sequence that builds trust with your subscribers and of course makes you money.

...and much, much more besides...

This Is Not For Everyone

You'll notice how there are no testimonials on this page and for good reason.

I'm not pandering to the negative skeptics out there.

Either you recognize I know my onions and can see the massive value in this, or you can't.

I'm handing you the keys to my entire six figure email marketing system here.

You come in, learn it, apply it and you can make back your investment ten-fold in the first week alone.

But what I'm not prepared to do is let negative-nellie refunders, skeptics or douchebag-doubters into the secret Email Black Ops vault.

There are no refunds on this;

Either you're in or you're out.

You decide.

Making money has never been easier so...

The only question is - do you want to start making BIG money even if you're just starting out?

"Yes Michael - Please Give Me Access To Email Black Ops And Accelerate Me To Making Big Money With Email."

Yes. I want access to the entire Email Black Ops program to start making big money with email (even if I only have a handful of subscribers).

Yes. Please give me the Detailed "DNA" Dissection of The Secret Email Formula Which Made $294,884.05

Yes. I want to discover the "Newbie Proof" Paint-by-Numbers Process for Producing Profit-Pumping Emails in a Flash

Yes. I want to quickly and easily multiply my profits using the Complete "Copy n' Deploy" Debrief of a $41,409.70 Commissions Campaign.

Yes. I realize I can do this even if I only have a few subscribers and all I need to do is apply the formula you teach me.

Yes. I've had enough of not making enough commissions and finally want to breakthrough to the big time.

Yes. I want you to show me exactly what to do so I can start making money with this as soon as today.

Yes. I realize because I'm getting my hands on your entire 6-figure email marketing system here there are no refunds and all purchases are final.

Very Limited Time Offer:

Only $27!

Get Access Now:

Email Black Ops

Oh and one last thing - you WILL make money with this, it's super frickin' easy.

See you on the inside.


Michael Cheney

*My results are A-TYPICAL. That's why you probably won't have the same results as me. I can not promise that you'll even have similar results because I don't know if you will work as hard as me. Your success in business (and in life) depends on YOU, your aptitude, your ability, your skills, your work ethic, and many other factors out of my control. Your individual success does NOT depend on me or on this product. Please read over all the legal pages below before buying.