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What Is Commissionology?

Product Walkthru

This is NOT training.

When your leads invest in Commissionology they are getting the licence to use every single affiliate promotion I've ever created and every single affiliate promotion I ever will create.

They just stick in their name and affiliate link and ALAKAZAM! A ready-made affiliate promotion.

They can whack these on Facebook, their blog or into an email (we show them how to drive traffic for free).

They can make money doing this without a website, without a list and without paid traffic.


The Front-End is "Commissionology" which gives buyers the licence to use all of my affiliate promotions as their own.

This includes all the affiliate promos I've ever created and ever will create.

They just copy and paste these into Facebook / a blog / an email and make money.

This is a monthly subscription program and they are getting approx 90+ new affiliate promo messages every single month they can use as their own.

See Salesletter


The first upsell is "Big Commissions Bonus Bank" ($47). This gives buyers access to some of my most lucrative bonuses they use as their own. They can either copy and paste the Bonus links to deliver or upload these bonuses into JVZoo. Either way - it's an instant way to get a ton more easy commissions into their bank account.


The second upsell ($47) is "List Building Black Ops" which is a never-before-publicly released program which reveals my patented list-building methods and secret strategies. I've already $30,000 of this bad boy to my own list so it's proven to convert!

STEP #5. Win Cash / Prizes

1st Place Prize:
Drone Defense System ($5000)

What better way to stop the FBI from infiltrating your cult than this bad boy.

As used to protect the POTUS himself this system is truly bad-ass.

And while I've arbitrarily set the value at $5000 I need to point out two things;

Thing 1 - You won't find a price for this thing, anywhere - it's classified. And likely ten times $5k

Thing 2 - Like all the prizes here, this is for shits-and-giggles only and I will not be shipping you this. You can take the cash to your PayPal account and just buy some Colombian nose powder with it like any good internet marketer would.

Cash Value: $5000


2nd Place Prize: Gold Desert Eagle Gun ($2500)

It's the weapon no cult-leader should be without;

A high-powered pistol made out of solid gold which fires solid gold bullets and turns people into an explosion of gold flakes on impact.

Or something.

Look - I don't know shit about weapons so this thing could fire flowers for all I know.

But it looks pretty sitting on my JV page ok? Deal with it 🙂

Cash Value: $2500


3rd Place: AK-47 with Chainsaw  ($2000)

Don't you just hate that?

You get some dissenters in your cult and they try and rush you when you're on the bog.

You reach for your AK-47 but it only has enough bullets to take out the first few douches.


If only you had an AK-47 with a built-in chainsaw- TADA!!

Cash Value: $2000


4th Place: The Burglar Blaster ($ 750)

No matter how innocent your evil cult is you're gonna get some no-good FBI type trying to infiltrate your camp trying to get evidence of your shenanigans.

Stop them dead in their tracks (almost) with this ingenious "Burglar Blaster" which gases them with Agent Orange (or it could be pepper spray) if they get too close.

Also works for doorstepping politicians...

Cash Value: $750


5th Place Prize: Shit Gold Pills ($500)

Yes - they're back.

By popular demand (I shit ye not) here are the "Shit Gold Pills".

Why pop a cyanide tablet when your cult reaches its inevitable demise?

Why not pop one of these bling-bling tings instead?

You'll really rub it in the faces of the law when you show them the deposits in your crapper are worth more than their salary for donning a badge and "fighting the good fight".

Cash Value: $500


6th Place Prize: Machine Gun (Nerf) ($350)

I don't care what anybody says;

This thing is the bomb.

Well actually it's a machine gun but you get my point.

Sure to scare the bejeezus out of your cult followers to keep them in line and also deter and would-be "government types" from encroaching on your cult-owned property.

(Assuming they have a fear of foam or over-priced kids toys)...

Cash Value: $350


7th Place Prize: Golden Piggy Bank ($300)

It's a piggy.

It's golden.

It's a bank.

Do the math.

Just don't (whatever you do) smash this thing up to get your money out. Because there's a handy cork up its ass where you can get access (and your money).

You're welcome.

Cash Value: $300

8th Place Prize: Gold Keyboard Button ($250)

You're a cult leader.

You're typing out an email to all your followers brainwashing them to buy all your shit.

What could possibly give you a feeling of more power?

Some real gold keys on your keyboard of course.


(I tell ya - I'm pushing the boat out here but you can have an Amazon voucher instead if you want to relive the bonus days of 2007...?)

Cash Value: $250


9th Place Prize:
9MM Bullet Ear Buds ($150)

The FBI storms your cult HQ (the basterds).

They're shooting their way thru the innocent masses to get to you.

Just pop in these bad boys and kill two birds with one stone;

  1. The FBI already think you've been shot (right in the ears)
  2. You can chill out listening to Enya as they drag away the corpses leaving you to escape on the sly

Job done.

Cash Value: $150


10th Place Prize:
24K Gold Doughnuts ($100)

It's the doughnut all cops wish they could afford.

It's also the heart-attack inducing snack of choice for rich cult leaders the world over.

Washes down perfectly with Kool-Aid too.


Cash Value: $100


STEP #6. Who Will Win The $5000 Top Prize?

Ping My JV Managers If You Need Anything

Status-mail-unread-iconEmail: [email protected]

Skype-iconSkype: live:prbydelilah

Status-mail-unread-iconEmail: [email protected]

Skype-iconSkype: dale.taylor48

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