Who Will Win the $7000 Cash Prize and the Coveted Title of "7-Figure Franchise TOP GUN"?

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Teams of TWO allowed but all efforts must be done through ONE JVZoo account.

STEP #1.
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STEP #2.
Personalize Tools

STEP #3.
The Offer & Funnel

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Contest & Prizes

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STEP #1. Get Your Affiliate Link

Yes, the 7-Figure Franchise is sold only on JVZoo.

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You will be promoting a one-off webinar here which will turn all your leads into liquid gold which then pours into your bank account instantly forming golden ingots of deliciousness.

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"Only The Zoo Will Do..."


STEP #2. Personalize Your Affiliate Tools

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STEP #3. The Offer & Funnel

The 7-Figure Franchise is a unique "business in a box" opportunity which gives customers the chance to franchise my entire 7-Figure Business for themselves and keep almost all of the money;

Click Here to view a salesletter for the 7-Figure Franchise. The Franchise is sold via webinar but you can also get direct sales from this salesletter during the post-webinar follow up sequence.

STEP #4. Win Cash / Prizes

1st Place Prize:
The Ultimate Top Gun Experience ($7000)

If you win the TOP GUN title then you get the Top Gun Experience (of course).

It starts with a journey to a UK airfield then a vomit-inducing 10G flight over the countryside pretending to shoot other pilots.

As far as I know there's no live ammo involved but I can put a word in if you'd like.

And yes - just like all the rest of these prizes - they are purely for shizzles and giggles. If you actually expect me to fulfil on this then think again, I'll be PayPal-ing you this money quicker than you can say "I got a MiG on my ass."

Cash Value: $7000


2nd Place Prize: Fly a Real-Life L-39 Fighter Jet ($3500)

What could be cooler than flying a real L-39 jet over California?

Not much. I can tell you that for free.

(Although possibly the ultimate Top Gun Experience - see above - would certainly be several shades darker on the brown pants chart).

With this jet experience you get to pull Gs, whack inversions and throw chunks as you're useless, limp body is cast around the skies in a hurling hunk of metal.

Beats me why anyone with sound mind would want to do this.

Anyhooo - this prize (for illustration purposes only) is completely yours if you bag second spot in this competition of a lifetime.

Cash Value: $3500


3rd Place: Red Baron Shelving Thingymajigs  ($1750)

Nothing will give your child more nightmares then them waking up night to see an aeroplane flying out of their wall.

Surreal, arty and terrifying in equal measure this one-off piece of over the top furniture is a real conversation starter (if the conversation is "Why the fuck have you got an aeroplane flying out of your wall?").

Designs may vary, color red not optional, prize purely fictitious. Your home is at risk if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage.

Cash Value: $1750


4th Place: Possibly the Best Remote Control Plane Ever Made ($1000)

I say "possibly".

Because really I have absolutely no clue.


I am to radio controlled aircraft what Kim Kardashian is to literature.

(And we also share the same ass. It's done on a time-share basis. PM me for info).

Whatevs - win this plane and you can have hours of fun dive-bombing your neighbours.

Or, in greater likelihood, you will crash it after 3 minutes, swear like a nun and then storm off to the nearest McDonalds to eat away your sorrow.

Fun times.

Cash Value: $1000


5th Place Prize: WWII Aeroplane Fan ($500)

What happens when a dwarf pilot from World War II flies around the upstairs of your house then comes crash through the ceiling?


It's gonna be a tough job to clear up the bloody mess and plaster everywhere but it will be well worth it.

Because the end result is this amazing plane-fan-art-weirdo type thing.

Guests will love it!

Art lovers will adore it!

Plane enthusiasts will want to hump it!

But most people probably won't give a shit. #justsayin

Cash Value: $500


6th Place Prize: Top Gun Jacket ($300)

Nothing says "Single loner saddo" than walking round Walmart on a Monday morning wearing a Top Gun Maverick jacket.

So don't do that.

Just wear it in the comfort of your own hovel instead.

Make "peow-peow" noises as you run from room to room pretending to shoot down the MiGs.

Put your arms out and whizz past your cat as it looks at you like you've completely lost your frickin marbles. Again.

Ahhh, 'tis the stuff of legend my friend.

Cash Value: $300


7th Place Prize: 2 Years' Subscription to "Plane & Pilot Magazine" ($250)

Never struggle to get laid again.

I'm serious.

Just leave these bad boys strewn about your bachelor pad (especially the toilet area) and you're sure to woo the ladies as they will automatically assume you are a real-life, bona-fide, definitely not "wannabe" pilot.

And nothing is more attractive to a gal than a man who can operate aeronautical machinery in return for a surprisingly modest recompense.

Chocks away!

Cash Value: $250


8th Place Prize: First-Person Camera RC Paper Aeroplane ($200)

What do you mean I'm scraping the barrel?

This shit is off the hook - you set it up, turn it on, don your VR goggles and it's like you're actually flying.

Sure - you'll be the complete laughing stock of the neighborhood and small children will point at you and stare.

But who cares?

You'll be flying a remote-controlled paper aeroplane and looking through some goggles to make it feel like you're in the actual while all the time your mind is completely pre-occupied and totally not aware how far you've fallen from your lofty dreams of 20 years ago.

And THAT is worth raising a glass to - Provost!

Cash Value: $200


9th Place Prize:
Aeroplane Swing ($150)

I'm not gonna lie.

I put this one in because it made me laugh.

Cos let's face it - every leaderboard needs a prize nobody wants.

And this is it.

Sure - you might have a cute kid who would get a kick out of this. But that's not why I put it on here.

I put in on here so we could all imagine some JV trying to squeeze their lard ass into this thing and how ridonkulous they would look.

So yeah - if you win this, I definitely promise* I will not photoshop your face onto this picture to make it look you are in the swing.

*(Promises subject to market fluctation)

Cash Value: $150


10th Place Prize:
A Flying Fuck ($100)

I literally do not give a flying fuck...

Oh, wait a second...

Yes I do!

Yes - if you come 10th (gangbangers nightmare) in this contest then you get this flying fuck.

Which will lead to endless hilarity as you think of countless ways to tell your friends about little you care about stuff and such.

It's going to be such a wheeze.

Cash Value: $100


STEP #5. Who Will Win The $7000 Top Prize?

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