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Become One Of My 12 Most Successful Marketers

Let me take you under my wing as an apprentice and you'll finally feel what REAL online success is like. You'll partner with me and have my entire team at your disposal.

Become An Apprentice Now

I'm Going To FORCE You To Make Money,

Whether You Like It Or Not.

The Launch Pad Classroom is a chamber of success secrets where you enter as a novice but come out as an expert Internet marketer capable of executing massive product launches. That's not some flashy sales lingo, thats just the simple truth.

As long as you can follow directions, you just can't fail because I won't let it happen. Losers and negative attitudes are not tolerated at this level of the game. A very select few that are SERIOUS about business, will qualify to take part in the Launch Pad Program.

Our smartest My Unfair Advantage members will take action and become a Launch Pad apprentice so that they can follow my lead as I bring them into our 7 Figure business and FORCE YOU TO MAKE MONEY.

Take Advantage Of My Team,
My Resources, My List, & My Affiliates

  • As an Apprentice you'll follow my lead to launch YOUR own high converting product by leveraging my resources and my expertise to insure success!
  • You’re going to have a super high converting cash pulling product to launch because my team and I are going to MAKE SURE OF IT!
  • You’re going to make lots of sales and scoop up my leads when I blast YOUR OFFER out to my list of 68,000 hungry buyers which gives you a GIANT head start!
  • You’re going to have a frenzy of JV’s and Affiliates fighting to promote YOUR product after I mail my list of over 3000 affiliates to get them on board to promote YOUR LAUNCH for you!
  • You’re going to duplicate every process I use to make money in my business after you witness EXACTLY how I take an idea and turn it into money from scratch in the Launch Pad Classroom.
  • You’re going to pick my brain and get the insider secrets that will give you a straight path to the money and my Marketing Director Lonnie Robinson will keep you on track daily or as often as you wish!

You're already going to be on our Bonus Q&A webinar next week but these are a more advanced than the training you’re already gonna get. I take you deep into the SPECIFIC methods that I use to get hundreds of powerful affiliates to promote for me on the same day.

You will become more successful and
more profitable MUCH FASTER than anyone else.

  • Launch Pad Classroom Access

    This is where you learn Internet marketing Kung Fu, an exclusive members area for my team and apprentices to create and launch products that rock.

  • Step By Step Leadership

    I will personally lead you to success by brining you into one of my own high volume product launches. You will take part in this from concept to profit stage.

  • Sytems, Processes & Checklists

    We’ve gotten the product creation and launch process down to a tee and you now have every single one of my cheat sheets at your disposal for life.

  • Access To My Team

    A strong support system is crucial to your online success and now you have my entire team by your side. We’re here to provide assistance with every aspect of your business.

  • 1 on 1 Private Coaching

    Private Skype consultations with Lonnie Robinson to discuss your progress and help you break through any barriers that might be holding you back. The most helpful thing you could ever hope for.

  • Progress Tracking Software

    Our custom built Launch Pad progress timeline will empower us to help you maintain a detailed record of assignments, progress, points, credits and coaching time.

  • Q & A Calls With Me

    On top of your one on one coaching calls Lonnie and myself host a private monthly Q&A webinar for apprentices where we go over some black belt marketing tactics.

  • Broadcast Promotion To My Lists

    I will ONLY do this for Gold and Platinum apprentices and this will give you a HUGE advantage to kick start your business and monetize your launch!

  • Affiliate Recruitment Broadcasts

    I will mail my 3000+ affiliates for you and recruit them to promote YOUR launch. This can possibly turn into tens of thousands of dollars for you.

  • All My Launch Templates

    You’ll get access to my membership site templates, my million dollar sales page and sales copy templates, my video scripts and every single tool I use.

  • Done For You Membership Site

    My team will build your membership site for you. We will build a custom 25 page OP2 membership site complete with all the necessary plugins.

  • Done For You Affiliates Page

    My team will assemble a kick ass affiliates page for you just like the ones I use for my own launches and we’ll even set up your promo tools as well!

It's time to separate the men from the boys.

I'm not playing around here, we've assembled the most bad ass apprentice program on the internet and I only want motivated, positive success seekers in my group. If it bothered you that I used the word "bullshit" then this DEFINITELY is not for you. I plan to keep it real. #nofilter

I say, jump on this right now. Don't get left behind. You already know this is something you need and you're gonna kick yourself later if you pass on it now. Take advantage of this apprentice opportunity and just add it to your order. We've helped thousands of people and I KNOW that I can help you too.

Real Words Straight From The Mouths Of Students & Clients

"Omar Martin took me from flatline to $53,000 per month from a total standing start. Do what ever you have to do to join his program!"
~Michael Cheney

"Omar & Melinda Martin are the antidote to all the flakes in the internet marketing arena. I can personally guarantee their work."
~Stephen Renton

"Omar & Melinda Martin directly increased my business profits by over 35-40%. You should do whatever it takes to work with them!"  ~Michelle Spiva

"Omar actually got on the phone with me and told me EXACTLY what to do. I followed his steps and made $3k in 3 days."
 ~Benjamin Jaques

Become One Of My 12 Most Successful Marketers

Let me take you under my wing as an apprentice and you'll finally feel what REAL online success is like. You'll partner with me and have my entire team at your disposal.

Become An Apprentice Now

This is only for those that really want to cut through the bullshit and get right down to the business of making money.

I've got to be up front with you here in efforts to save us both a lot of time and aggravation. There's only one thing I value more than your time and that is MY OWN.

Don't worry about being new to this. I'm perfectly okay with teaching beginners as long as you're a good student, you pay attention, you follow directions and you are 100% committed to success like I was when I started on my journey 8 years ago.

I have no time or patience for tire kickers, entitlement mentality or people that think success grows on trees. I wont tolerate it in my business. So if you are just a hobbyist that wants to dip your toe in the water and HOPE things magically happen for you "somehow"... well this is probably not the program for you.

This is for people that want to put their MUA tools into action fast. This is for people that want me to take them under my wing and FORCE profits and success upon them. This is for people that understand the need to invest TIME AND MONEY into a venture for it to be successful. This is for people that want to build a long lasting business that generates life changing income.

If you're ready to follow me to the money and you want my team to help you get there then you'd better move fast.

It isn’t false scarcity, it's just simply mathematics when I tell you that we can only do this for 12 people. I don't beat up my list, I only promote a couple of SOLID products per month so I can’t possibly make this offer for everyone.

I’m going to be promoting your product for you to my 68,000 customers. I’m going to be promoting your product to my affiliates, over 3,000 affiliates that are prepared to mail. There just isn't enough days in the calendar for me to promote for all of my buyers THATS WHY I AM ONLY SELECTING 12 ACTION TAKERS.

Become An Apprentice Now

We're ready to rock and roll with you in the private apprentice members area.

But, if you’re not ready to go full throttle and have a professional internet marketing team at your beck and call and you don't wan't to be considered for our apprentice program:


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